St. John-Endicott Cooperative Schools
Curriculum Adoption Process

The adoption, development and implementation of curriculum are a joint responsibility of the district’s professional staff, interested parents and community members, administration, and both school boards. The Superintendent has the primary responsibility for the orchestration and coordination of all curriculum development activities. The building principals are responsible to supervise the implementation of curriculum and supportive materials as well as participate in its development.

Both the Endicott and St. John School Districts recognize the need for continuing improvement and growth of their respective educational programs. To this end, the curriculum shall be developed on a continuing basis and in accordance with the following plan for curriculum development, adoption, implementation and evaluation.

Phase I (Needs assessment, literature review, and curriculum adoption)

1. Grade level teachers will begin the curriculum adoption process by identifying key concepts to teach and hold students accountable to learn. These standards will serve as the foundation of our local curriculum. These local curriculum standards will also include state and federal standards. Additionally, clear performance indicators should be developed referencing what students need to know and what they will be able to do by the end of each school year in which the subject/content is taught.

2. The proposed standards will be presented to the Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) for review. The CAC will be comprised of all interested individuals including parents, community members, school staff and/or administration. After approval of the standards by the CAC, they will be presented by the superintendent to the joint school boards.

3. If the standards meet the boards’ approval, they will be adopted as the curriculum standards for that specific subject/content area. Upon completion of this approval, phase II of the process may now begin.

Phase II (Material review, adoption and acquisition)

1. Materials will be obtained (i.e. sample texts, videos, supplemental materials, etc.) for review by the teachers expected to teach the curriculum standards adopted in phase I. Teachers will review the proposed materials to determine whether they will be effective in order to meet the approved district curriculum standards.

2. Teachers may pilot (with approval of the principal) some or all of the sample materials throughout the review period.

3. Teachers expected to teach to the curriculum standards will meet and discuss the merits of each of the sample textbooks and supplemental materials. After review, a recommendation will be made to the CAC as to which materials will best support the adopted curriculum standards.

4. The CAC will make available the materials to the public for further input.

5. After approval of the materials by the CAC, the superintendent will make a recommendation to the joint school boards requesting the specific materials (textbooks, videos, supplemental materials, etc.) be adopted.

6. If approved, the process of purchasing the adopted textbooks and supplemental materials will be completed. Phase III may now begin.

Phase III (Staff Training, Curriculum and Material Implementation)

1. Training will be offered to teachers if and when needed.

2. Curriculum standards and materials will be implemented in the classroom.

3. Opportunities for teachers to discuss/review the new curriculum standards and materials will be provided and facilitated by the building principals.

Phase IV (Curriculum and Materials Evaluation)

1. The CAC will develop an evaluation plan at the end of the phase III to determine the effectiveness of the adopted curriculum standards and materials.

2. Recommendations will be solicited from teachers, the CAC, and both boards in regards to additions and/or deletions to the curriculum standards and materials.

3. The superintendent will then report the CAC's final findings to the school boards.

4. If needed, modifications to the curriculum standards and materials will be approved by school boards.