SJE Clubs and Activities

Associated Student Body - St. John Elementary
St. John Elementary has an Elementary ASB that does many things for our Elementary. Students in fourth and fifth grades get to campaign for the offices of President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. Students in Kindergarten thru fifth grade get to pick 2 representatives from each class to participate. Each month we hold a meeting to take care of our projects. Currently, the Elementary ASB does the Elementary pledge and announcements at the beginning of each day, and we collect and count Boxtops and Campbell's Soup labels. We also have a pencil machine by the office, that the officers are in charge of. The Elementary ASB is a great way for Elementary students to begin having responsibility and leadership in their school. Missy Kjack, St. John Elementary ASB Advisor.

Associated Student Body - St. John-Endicott High School
Advisors: Mrs. Kile & Mr. Beck

All four bands (Endicott Elementary, St. John Elementary, Endicott-St. John Middle, and St. John-Endicott High) are under the able leadership of Mr. Ray who maintains the SJE Cooperative band page.

Advisor: Mr. Beck

Advisor: Mr. Clements
Information on FFA can be found on the national website.
Honor Society
Advisor: Mrs. Kile
Knowledge Bowl
Advisor: Mr. Beck
Advisor: Mr. Beck

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