SJE Character Education Resources

September 2013

ToleranceA willingness to accept people and opinions that are different from your own.  It is important to show people that they are important to us by the way we treat them.

November 2013

AppreciationBegins by discovering how to observe and recognize others' good work or good effort and then acts to mention such work or effort, compliment, and express sincere thanks.

January 2014

PerseveranceContinue to work hard and persist toward the goal even when obstacles and difficulties arise.

March 2014

Self-ControlControlling one's actions and responses.

October 2013


December 2013

CharacterWho a person is on the inside.  Attitudes and actions determine one's character.

February 2014


April 2014

LeadershipThe ability to show others the way and influence them to follow their example.

May 2014

ResponsibilityDemonstrate that you consider yourself to be accountable for your actions and that you follow through on your commitments.

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